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Salvador Dali . Study for “the Last Supper”, Christ and the Apostles, and head sketch, 1955

Double-sided drawing in ballpoint pen on paper.

Stamp of the Perrot-Moore collection lower right.

Ink on paper, double-sided.

Stamp of the Perrot-Moore collection lower right.

Condition : name needs to be restored .

Sizes : H_20cm W_24.2cm

Origin :

- Former Perrot-Moore collection

- Private collection, Paris

Bibliography: Dali in Wien, catalog of the exhibition at Plais Auersperg, Vienna, March-April 1982 reproduced under n°118.

A certificate from Robert and Nicolas Descharnes dated June 27, 2003 will be given to the purchaser.

“Salvador's Last Supper differs in many respects from that of Leonardo da Vinci. Certainly the painting is centered on Jesus, just like Leonardo da Vinci's painting, but we also see that he insists a little on the number of disciples. This number remained at twelve but the fact is that we find a lot of detail of the work which takes up this figure. The room where the scene takes place has, for example, twelve sides, a dodecahedron. Obviously, since the apostles are twelve.

The next point that makes a difference between the two works is that Leonardo da Vinci repeats this last meal of Jesus as described in the Bible. But with Salvador Dali's version of the Last Supper the extension of the Last Supper in the background reflects the dawn. We will then suppose that he wanted to give his painting the image of the sacrifice that the son of God made for us. He also stayed in a setting that is familiar to him.

It is not a blue sky but a sea background that we are used to seeing on these canvases.”

Study for “the Last Supper”, Christ and the Apostles, Salvador Dali 1955 .

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