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Escudo de monja

This escudo de monja, or literally "nun's shield," was a type of devotional badge worn by nuns in New Spain (the colonial territories in North and Central America governed by Spain). These badges originated in response to reforms aimed at curtailing the luxury of convent life by banning the wearing of devotional ornaments made of gold, precious stones, or other valuable materials. In accordance with these reforms, yet also in defiance of them, the nuns instead wore elaborately painted badges such as this one, which were often the work of the finest artists of the period.

This escudo de monja is an exceptional rarity, normally, they were painted in a copper sheet but on this case it is painted over a very refined and detailed silk embroidery.

The motif, the Holy Trinity on top, on the center Virgin Mary, on the left corner an Archangel and on the right corner and lower part Saints are desplayed as an addition to this extraordinary piece.

Escudo de monja,

Silk embroidery,

Mexico, New Spain,

XVIII Century.

Condition : Overall good condition , two small cracks on the frame.

Sizes: diameter 18,4 cm

Escudo de monja Mexico XVIII century .

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